A New Beginning

The Everyday Citizen has been broken for a while. It took migrating to a new host and a ton of time with FTP and the file manager to get it back online, but here we are! I am getting over major surgery which occurred Jan 3rd in which I lost 18 inches of colon and gained this cute little bag tied to my waist that I now do my biness in. Oh, joy! But at least it isn’t permanent. I will have to just learn to live with it for now…

There is much to talk about. Between Congress and the Prez, the proverbial shit has hit the fan. Having my own thoughts on the sequester, I will post soon when feeling a bit more rational. Although I have voted for Obama in the past two elections, it is this in the latest of bullshit to come down from the hill that gives me pause, which I have not felt before. We shall see..

Drive on,