Move On, Or

It seems President Bush is not happy with MoveOn and their blast at General David Petraeus. In an ad, they have pictured him as a talking dog for Bush, and I am rather inclined to think that they probably have it right. This leaves Bush “disgusted” and berating Congress for not attacking the organization. Well guess what, folks? The old Coon is a member in good standing at MoveOn, and I applaud their right to freedom of speech. And they should NOT get on Bush’s S-list for doing so.

What’s wrong with this picture? Doesn’t Bush realize how very sick and tired we are of sacrificing our children for an unjust war? Does he honestly think that he can put his pet general up there and tell us what a wonderful thing the Iraqi war is, and not have somebody fire up the machine? Gimme a break…

What really yanks my crank though is the Democratic Congress taking steps to eliminate extra R&R for needy soldiers and Marines. They need time to regroup, yet Congress feels this is not essential. I am thinking that the Democrats are a real bunch of losers. They talk the talk, yet fail to walk the walk. Where in heaven’s name are we gonna go from here?

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