I consider myself to be a pretty average Joe, although no Joe the Plumber, if ya remember that one. I am getting on in years. I’m 73. I am feeling the effects of hard years of drinking and drugging.  I have always been interested in politics and what goes on in the world around me. I used to subscribe to the Huffington Post, which I thought at the time was probably the most centrist news rag around. No ABC Fox bullshit, here – sorry! I think I am pretty much qualified to know, at my age what life in this country should be like. Today, I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet, who grew up in a time when people HAD a chance to realize the American dream. It was simple. You grew up, got a good job, whether in the manufacturing sector or as a professional, with the help of a little education, you worked hard and toed the line, you got married, you bought a home which was your best investment for retirement, and you lived your life. You retired. Maybe, if you did okay with your money, went to Florida for the winter. Wonder how many people remember the term “snowbirds?” Regardless, it was how it was, and how it should be..

Now, we see retirees struggling to keep food on the table, medicine in the cabinet, and unable to buy gas for a car that has outgrown its usefulness. People all over the country are not only living in “fly over zones” but are called “deplorables” and are depicted as uneducated, racist thugs that have no clue as to what America should “really” be like just because they may lean a little to the right and wanted someone in the White House that wasn’t a liar, corrupt and deceitful. Yes I am talking about HRC. She has proven time and time again how untrustworthy she is, and yet she is the darling of the left, and they see absolutely nothing wrong with the wrongdoings of this horrible woman.

We are a country divided. The hate and vitriol in this country are unbelievable, and is something out of a George Orwell novel. When will it stop? When will this country come together again as reasonable human beings who have the common goal of making our country strong again? One of my favorite survivalist folks has a saying that sticks in my mind. He says “we are all in this together.” I think it is about time we started acting like it…