Move On, Or

It seems President Bush is not happy with MoveOn and their blast at General David Petraeus. In an ad, they have pictured him as a talking dog for Bush, and I am rather inclined to think that they probably have it right. This leaves Bush “disgusted” and berating Congress for not attacking the organization. Well guess what, folks? The old Coon is a member in good standing at MoveOn, and I applaud their right to freedom of speech. And they should NOT get on Bush’s S-list for doing so.

What’s wrong with this picture? Doesn’t Bush realize how very sick and tired we are of sacrificing our children for an unjust war? Does he honestly think that he can put his pet general up there and tell us what a wonderful thing the Iraqi war is, and not have somebody fire up the machine? Gimme a break…

What really yanks my crank though is the Democratic Congress taking steps to eliminate extra R&R for needy soldiers and Marines. They need time to regroup, yet Congress feels this is not essential. I am thinking that the Democrats are a real bunch of losers. They talk the talk, yet fail to walk the walk. Where in heaven’s name are we gonna go from here?

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Greenspan On The War – Why Are We There?

I’ve always considered Alan Greenspan to be an odd duck – head full of numbers and an insider in Ayn Rand’s Inner Circle. If you haven’t read Rand’s book, “Atlas Shrugged” then you are in for very good reading. I read an article in the Baltimore Chronicle today, and Greenspan spilled the so-called beans on the war in Iraq.

Greenspan says something that I, just a plain old Midwestern cracker – have known all along. The war is being fought over oil. I have never doubted that, and to have Greenspan expound on this issue is music to my ears. Greenspan’s book, The Age of Turbulence, comes out this evening. Methinks I will hie on over to Amazon and pick up a copy.

Greenspan writes: “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.” I have to think that the American public, so used to be lied to, doesn’t think this is so. Every war has to have a reason. big oil has had an eye on Iraq that some say that Iraq “floats on a sea of oil.” These words of wisdom comes fro Paul Wolfowitz, the former head of the World Bank, who ruined his career in favor of his girlfriend. Wolfowitz, bless his pointed little head, is best known to be one of the “architects” of the war against Iraq.

I will be 64 next week. I have been voting for over 40 years, and go into the polling booth and just vote straight Democratic. This is the first year I have felt that maybe that is not a good choice. But that is another story…

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Life Gets In The Way

I was checking the blog today to gather information for another blog I have, and see that it has been over a month since my last post. Shame, shame! I couldn’t believe that this has happened. i knew it had been a bit, but a month? WTF?

Life gets in the way some times. I had been preparing for my son’s wedding and keeping up with a demanding editor who keeps the old Coon hopping. I’m currently working on a series on going green. Environmentalism is my bag, and I am working to increase awareness across the land. I know it is usually a tough subject to bring up without derision from many, but it is a real threat to us all. Global warming? Bet yer ass…

In my years on this earth I have seen many changes in the weather. When I was young, it was no extraordinary event to be snowed in for days on end. I remember one year it was so bad that my father and neighboring farmers had to shovel our road by hand to allow us to get the tractor into a neighboring village for food and supplies. Weeks with the temperatures well below zero were not uncommon. We dealt with it, and actually enjoyed it as kids.

Now, I see little snow here in mid-Michigan. The past couple of years have been relatively warm, with little snow fall. The nightly news is filled with record breaking temps in the south west and western states. Topping that off is a series of damaging rainfalls, with subsequent flooding in the Mid-west. Texas has been hard hit with flooding. Ohio has seen some of the worst flooding in history. Mother Nature is not happy…

Evidence of the ice caps melting cannot be ignored. Series of terrible storms are there for a reason. the news reports that this is the first time since 1949 when two hurricanes have made landfall in one day. Firestorms across the nation have devastated acres of forest. Greece has been inundated with wildfires and now are experiencing flooding.

Man, I had better stop! I sound like my Mom did when she talked about end of days!

Not all news is bad. Gonzo is gone, Rove is headed out the door, and Snow is on his heels. Things are looking up – for me at least. Now all we gotta do is bring the boys home…

Drive on,