Fox News Attacks the Blogosphere

It appears that there is a big stink in the blogosphere concerning Fox news and the left wing crowd. Bill O’Reilly has made several attacks on the bloggers, including The Daily Kos, and These good folk have been likened to the KKK and Nazi’s. I sincerely feel the Everday Citizen is missing something here.

I read these blogs infrequently. Their content is always good, they do not appear to be overly radical, and fight for change in the system. Possibly I am more left wing than I thought. I have always been a little left of center, but this attack is not only ridiculous, but unfounded. Who killed the First Amendment?

As confused as I am over this issue, I leave it to the reader to determine whether this is unfounded or not. View this video with an open mind, and comment, please…

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